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Grow Smarter with Storecast

 A hosted Location Intelligence (LI) solution to support store development, local marketing & benchmarking for multi-outlet retailers.


Run any of our three models, analogue (shown here), gravity or regression, to assess site location.


Forecast turnover and produce business case statistical reports for new and existing sites.


Ensure your network is ready to safeguard business against competitor activity with advanced impact analysis.


Generate customer and prospect lists for improved ROI from direct marketing campaigns. Leverage loyalty data to target underperforming neighbourhoods.

Storecast is a modular location intelligent site selection and marketing tool for multi-outlet retailers. Cloud hosted for rapid implementation, Storecast incorporates world class site-evaluation, benchmarking, competitor impact assessment and direct marketing tools.

By gaining a better understanding of where and who your customers are, Storecast allows you to limit direct marketing activity to relevant neighbourhoods, improving marketing ROI and redemption rates.

Coupled with easy to run store forecasting models, benchmarking modules and reporting dashboards, Storecast provides an enterprise-level intelligence solution that integrates and turbo charges your marketing, store development and customer acquisition teams.

  • Increase your market share
  • Make better site selections
  • Quickly identify new opportunities
  • Create cost effective direct marketing strategies
  • Increase overall profitability

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Storecast - retail location analysis software


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